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All bowls are handcrafted from
reclaimed native trees.
One of the few pieces of
a dead mulberry tree I
was able to reclaim and
turn to a bowl.  The
cracks and voids are
filled with walnut.  
polyurethane finish.  

$112 Free shipping
Large oak bowl with
some of the bark intact.  
This bowl was
reclaimed from a
dead-hollow tree that
was about 300 years old.

$130 Free Shipping
I made this shallow bowl from a spalted oak three crutch that had fell in the woods.  The black
lines combined with the yellow, light and dark brown wood colors certainly compliment one
another.  Polyurethane finish.
$76  Free Shipping
This is a very large bowl that came from a dead mulberry tree in the property.  The
sever ice storm had cause many of the branches to break and in this case partially
separate from the trunk.  The drying process caused the wood to crack in one area
which was inlayed with a piece of walnut.  The spoon was made from the branch of
the same tree.  $278 Free shipping
Oak burl bowl with bark
attached.  Lacquer finish.