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Natural edge tall
table made with
cherry and
walnut.  Patina
copper on hooves
and legs.
The dimensions of this chest are approximately 24"
wide and 4' long and 24" tall.  The top lid splits
open using the two walnut handles.  The wooden
hinges are handcrafted out of oak.  The pins are
solid brass.
I made this western style desk from a reclaimed
walnut lumber that has been sitting in my shop for
over 25 years.  The top is approximately 3" thick.  
There are several copper inlay on the top of the
desk and a large cherry inlay where there was a
decaying hole.  The front base and the
hooves are cherry as well.  The horns are
combination of cherry and walnut.  There are two
drawers, one on each side of the desk.  
Polyurethane finish.  One walnut chair is part of this
This modern Japanese
style combination hall
table/nightstand is made
with the combination of
solid walnut and cherry
wood.  The top is one
piece of solid cherry.  The
furniture is equipped with
light sensor and will
automatically light up as
the room gets dark.  All
wirings and lights are
easily accessible for
Live edge sassafras
table with turquoise
and copper inlay.
I had two leftover boards that had been
sitting outside for over 23 years until I
decided to put them in the dry last year. A
few months ago, I decided to make something
with them and the project turned into this
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