Combination of
walnut and cherry
makes this unique
personal desk
appealing in any
setting.  The legs
have built-in
leveling mechanism
to allow the desk
be adjusted on
uneven flooring.  
The drawer pulls
are handcrafted
with walnut burl
and copper tips.  
The natural geode stone is inlaid into the desk and serves
as a drink holder.  Three LED lights under the stone are
designed to serve as  night light. The cherry inlaid pen
holder is a cosmetic as well as functional part of this
desk.  The drawers have each an internal light activated
when they are opened; opening both drawers 1/2 open,
will provide a greater illumination at night.
The Power
protector consist
of two outlet and
two USB plug-ins
This stand is made with
several different wood
varieties including walnut,
cherry, oak, pin and cedar.  
The base is solid walnut with
a unique leg design.  
This table was painstakingly made with over 4000 pieces of
wood.  The legs and aprons are made from solid cherry.  The
two drawers travel the full length of the table width.  Most of
the joineries utilized to assemble the table are hand cut
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I designed this "Cobra Lamp" to be utilized on a personal
desk or as an stand alone decor.  It features a touch switch
that also serves as a dimmer.  
This table consist of
three Kudu horns.  The
tabletop is tiger maple.
Walnut natural
edge/waterfall coffee
table with cherry inlay.
Two lakes, two river and
a waterfall.  This coffee
table is made with a
natural edge sassafras
slab.  To watch it in
click here.
This is a table made with tiger maple
and baseball bats and balls.  The
coasters are removable so the top can
easily be cleaned.  An excellent gift for
the baseball enthusiast that can also
serve as a small liquor holder.
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