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Mahdee immigrated from Iran to the United States at the age of 17 and has been
working with individuals with intellectual and emotional disabilities for over 30
years.  He has developed various tools to help individuals with disabilities to learn
basic life skills and live more independently.  A section of this website is dedicated to
helping educators and providers better serve their individuals with disabilities.
His passion for woodworking began in early 1980's when he found a temporary
summer job at a church sponsored program called "OppShop" in MA.  Since then, he
has been involved in woodworking in various fashions including building the
homestead him and his wife (Peggy) currently reside-in.  In early 2010, the couple
decided to upgrade to a larger woodworking shop and built a two story studio/shop
combination on the property.  Mahdee is mostly involved in freelance furniture
designing.  His unique creations which he does not reproduce complement
contemporary, tradition and modern settings.