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The other end of
the tier beams
have a half inch
notch that lock
into the front
porch wall.  I used
3 nails to fasten
each beam to the
porch wall.
There; wall two is
up and with two
more to go.  
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Once the front porch was
secured, the main wall was
partially erected and the
tier beams were inserted
into the notches,  The front
wall was then moved to a
right angle  with the tier
beams secured-in with
dowels.  Here Peggy is
making the notches for the
knee braces that tie the
front wall posts to the tier
Here the actual first wall
of the two story building is
being raised.  Again, the
initial challenge here is to
raise the top plate to 40 or
more degrees before using
comealongs and cables to
erect it straight.  Using
cement blocks to support
the plate we were able to
jack up the wall to about
25-30 degrees.    
Next the cable work had to be
done.  It is not a comforting
thought to climb a ladder that
is sitting on a 5/8" cable but
after a while you'll get used to
it.  Personally, I don't enjoy
heights even though I have
been a mountain climber all
my life.  Having learned to
deal with hight anxiety, I was
able to perform these various
tasks .
As it can be seen 14'- 2X6's
were utilized to aid the
comealongs to erect the wall
in position.  It seems odd to
add additional weight to the
wall by placing the ladder
against the opposing pull.  
But it had to be done for
safety reasons; the weight of
this wall can easily crush a
person should things go
The first shop wall is kept  
almost at an 80 degree
angle to prevent it from
falling forward.  While at
this angle, the resistance on
the cable is very low and
wall can be easily
manipulated back and
forth.  The tier beam tenons
in this picture are being
tailored into the receiving
As it can be seen, there
are two opposing forces
that are holding this wall
up.  The first is the steel
cable that aided in the
erection of the wall and
the second is the yellow
rope that is preventing the
wall from falling forward.  
As mentioned before, at
near 90 degrees there is
very little resistance to
either the cable or the
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