A.  Tells time   

1.  Identifies numbers 1-12                
2.  Distinguishes between A.M. and P.M.                  
3.  Distinguishes time of the day                    
4.  Tells time by the hour                           
5.  Tells time by 1/2 hour increments                                  
6.  Tells time by 15 minutes increments                              
7.  Tells time by minutes                           

C.  Follows a routine for time management

1.  Follows home routine
2.  Follows work routine
3.  Follows weekend routine

D.  Understands seasonal and calender events
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Time management
B.  Use association to tell time  

1.   Uses the sun to tell approximate time
2.   Uses symbol sun and moon to distinguish day/night
3.   Uses timer to determine work events