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Once the roof rafters are in
place the next step is to
secure the roof decking to the
rafters.  I've always used
chalkline to serve as a
reference point for the screws
that tie the decking to the
rafters.  The little extra work
it takes to chalk-line the
project will provide maximum
durability to your building.
Ensuring a small gap
between the plywood
sheets will prevent
buckling and other stresses
that may occur during
expansions and
contractions due to varying
air humidity.  As you can
note, the plywood sheets are
alternated with full sheets
and half sheets at the
beginning of the rows.
We used the heavy
felt paper to serve as a
barrier between the
plywood and the metal
roofing.  1/2" or 3/8"
staples of any kind
should adequately
secure the paper to the
decking.  If at all
possible, install the
shingles or roof panels
on the same day you
install the felt paper.
When installing metal
roof panels, it is
imperative to wear the
right shoes and clothing
that adhere to the slick
surface.  My regular
tennis shoes supported
me very well but my
clothing (cotton and
poly-blends) provide
absolutely no traction on
these panels.  
Bottom and knee padding as well as secured gloves can be a life saver should
trip and fall occur on the roof during the installation.  Also, consider using a
harness; but be sure it will land you somewhere safe and accessible to exit
routes and or equipments.  I used a pair of sneakers to hold my tools in place.