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We used cap blocks to level
the perimeter above the rock
foundation to serve as a
reference point for pouring the
concrete floor.  We leveled all
four corners of the foundation
with cap blocks using a laser
level.  A string connected to
each corner provides the
height for cap blocks to be
placed on each wall.  
Here a row of cap blocks is
almost finished.  Cement
block pillars were placed
on the ground to support
the middle beams before
filling the area with rocks
and dirt. The dirt was then
packed down using the
tractor.  After applying 4"
of sand atop the dirt, it was
once again packed down
before pouring the
We are almost quarter of the way through
pouring the concrete floor.  We had a few nice
(above freezing) weekends in January and
February that allowed us to finish the task
before the hot weather arrived.  We used 5/8"
rebar at 17" intervals and wire cloth on top of
the rebar.  We poured a 4" slab that consist of
3 parts sand/gravel to 1 part Portland cement.  
Here Peggy is packing the sand down;
preparing it for the next section to be poured
We used the existing wall
to pull up the second one
high enough before pulling
it forward.  It is always a
good idea to have one or
more backup tools should
the primary equipment