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The second wall is in position
ready to receive the second
floor joists.  The wall is held
up with a rope.  By loosening
the rope, the wall can be
allowed to lean back about 10
degrees in order to receive the
tongued joists.  
At times the task may
become frustrating or
stressful.  Raising a
large building alone
requires not only hard
labor but good planing
as well.  Despite all
careful planing,
mistakes can be hair
raising scary or down
right dangerous.  
With the wall leaning
at the 10 degree angle
we placed all the three
floor joist in place at
the same time and
used comealongs to tie
the two walls
together.  Regardless
of your efforts to be
accurate, be prepared
to make final
adjustments as you go.
With all the floor
joists in place, the
walls can be pulled
together to receive
the joist tongues fully
before they are
pegged with dowels.